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Garry's Mod 9.0b

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24,1 Mo
La neuvième version du Garry's Mod :

[ADD] LUA scripting support
[ADD] 'lua' console command to run LUA commands
[ADD] 'lua_openscript' command to run a script
[ADD] 'lua_listbinds' to list available bound functions
[ADD] 'gm_defaultgamerules' command
[FIX] Possible phys properties bug
[FIX] Bots not interacting with physics
[FIX] Random spawn crash
[ADD] Motion blur effect
[ADD] ALL maps now listed at the bottom of the SP/MP game panels
[FIX] MP Game Panel now remembers maxplayers
[ADD] Wind alter sliders in the Admin menu (buggy)
[FIX] Blood now shows properly online
[ADD] Enabled blood for our German speaking friends
[ADD] New scoreboard
[ADD] New admin options
[FIX] Non chat text in chat area text being weird
[FIX] Weapon selection popup when scrolling in spawn menu
[FIX] Modcache optimizations
[ADD] Zombie player model (Thanks to Podunkian)
[ADD] Stalker player model (Thanks to Podunkian)
[ADD] Classic Gordon player model (Thanks to Podunkian)
[ADD] Charple player model (Thanks to Podunkian)
[ADD] Corpse player model (Thanks to Podunkian)
[FIX] Removed black screen on fall damage
[ADD] Working spectator mode
[FIX] Avatars now work for listen server hosts
[ADD] gmod_gamesetup entity
[ADD] gmod_runfunction entity
[ADD] gmod_player_start entity
[ADD] weapon_swep entity
[FIX] Can now spawn using DoD spawnpoints
[FIX] Bloom hitching when switched on for the first time
[FIX] Colour mod hitching when switched on for the first time
[FIX] Bots not registering as bots when they first joined a server
[ADD] Scrollbar on spawnmenu dropdown box. (use gm_spawncombolines to alter)
[ADD] Bloom presets menu
[FIX] Colour mod shader now works
[FIX] Reduced telefragging
[ADD] cs_assault to CS:S minimod
[ADD] 910ths gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)
[ADD] Melon Racer gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)
[ADD] Laser Dance gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)
[ADD] Tactical Police Cops gamemode by Garry (really just Lua SWEP examples)
[ADD] BirdPoo gamemode by Andy Vincent
[ADD] Football gamemode by Tristan Pemble (aka n42)
[ADD] Zombie Infestation gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)
[ADD] gm_build_tothetop gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)
[ADD] gm_build_bridge gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)
[ADD] Longsight gamemode by "MrSteak63"
[FIX] Importing custom spraypaints now works
[ADD] SetModel console command ("SetModel alyx", "SetModel breen" etc)
[FIX] Memory leak in mod manager
[ADD] gm_build_fortwars gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)
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