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Blood Frontier | Annonce

Nouveau FPS gratuit et open-source : Blood Frontier

Blood Frontier est un nouveau FPS gratuit et open-source bas sur le moteur Cube 2 (lui aussi gratuit et open-source). Le projet a commenc depuis dj un petit moment et une version alpha 2 est dj disponible, en attendant la bta 1 cense sortir demain. Le jeu tourne sur Windows, Linux et Mac.

A l'heure o j'cris ces lignes, le site officiel est tout dmont, mais on peut au moins y lire le pitch du solo:

In the distant future, humanity has spread throughout the solar system, to Mars and beyond. A vast communications network bridges from colony to colony, human to machine, and machine to human. This seemingly benign keystone of modern inter-planetary society, however, appears to be the carrier of a mysterious techno-biological plague. Any persons so-connected seem to fall ill and die, only to return as ravenous, sub-human cannibals. You, a machine intelligence, an android, remain unafflicted by this strange phenomenon and have been tasked with destroying the growing hordes of the infected, while, hopefully, locating and stopping the source of the epidemic.

Il y aura aussi du multi...

Merci Raton-Laveur pour l'info.
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