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New World Order | Patch

Patch New World Order v1.41

Nonobstant le fait que personne ne joue à New World Order, Project 3 interactive vient de sortir un nouveau patch pour son FPS. De petite taille, le patch se télécharge sur le site officiel, WorthPlaying, 3D Gamers, Gamer's Hell ou FileShack. En bref, la liste des changements, issue du README :

This version "is a lot faster, more stable, has drastically improved networking, new weapons behaviour and tweaks, added freeze-time and round-time, improved AI behaviour, server pass wording, admin login" and more, and also includes NWO_SAT, the NWO Server Admin Tool.

À noter que DirectX 9.0 (voire 9.0a) semble indispensable pour profiter du nouveau netcode.Et en détails :
  • Singleplayer/coop bots will equip more ammo for more intense fights.
  • Tweaked favourite servers option in join game menu.
  • Added critical sections thread protection to add / execute coalesce packets.
  • Added code to split / optimize meshes specifically for the hardware - depending on number of vertex shaders registers.
  • Moved execution of coalesce packets from receive thread to worker thread - to reduce load on receive thread.
  • Tweaked resolution switch window size adjustment.
  • Removed server stream disable when player dies.
  • Only predict z-cord if interpolating in prediction code.
  • Optimized grenade/flashbang animation when re-quipping grenades after a round
  • Automatically unzoom scope when player dies.
  • Removed grenade/flashbang showing as red entry when depleted - now removes the item totally from inventory.
  • Added admin login functionality.
  • Added user adjustable start rank points - for setting initial rank upon joining a game.
  • Added code to have AI's refill their ammo if they did not die last round and are low on ammo.
  • Votechat is now open by default in coop.
  • Tweaked keys not working while holding down shift on certain configurations.
  • Improved loadout new rank responsivess - you can now go back and re-equip after a new rank has been achieved.
  • Improved joining sequence by lowering number of needed packets, and gathered them into coalesce packets.
  • Added code to switch to previously used weapon when thrown last grenade/flashbang.
  • Added server-side option to allow immediate joining of a game in progress.
  • Speeded up text output rendering.
  • Added password protection for servers.
  • Added all new vertex shader rendering code for optimized meshes.
  • Added average fps display.
  • Added 'map' admin command - for map switching.
  • Tilde, as well as '0' will now cancel voice menus.
  • Added server-side freeze time at new round.
  • Added server-side round time for each round.
  • Added code to remove all player's weapons on new match.
  • Tweaked field-of-view for light flares when scoped.
  • Added spectator health display.
  • Added ability to kick with player ID - visible when holding tab + shift pressed.
  • Added new code to weapon handling - weapons will pull up / to the side and react more naturally.
  • Decreased weapon random spread for more realistic handling and better control.
  • Teamkill gives minus kill.
  • Tweaked zoom artefacts where the scope would not go down properly on some configurations.
  • Improved rendering LOD system for higher quality display.
  • Disabled killing/hurting once a round/match is over.
  • Even better performance of shadow render code.
  • Removed player view zoomed in while in 3rd person spectator view.
  • Added 'roundover' admin command to start a new round.
  • Added 'matchover' admin command to start a new match.
  • Added voting for map 'restaurant'.
  • Added server option 'allow player shadows'
  • Updated network protocol and lowered needed bandwidth.
  • Added number of team wins to server info packet received upon join.
  • Added server->client keepalive packets to joining sequence to prevent disconnect.
  • Added code to update lighting for decals when a light is shot out.
  • Soundengine tweaked so sound listener position follows spectated player.
  • Increased text output buffer size to prevent text clipping.
  • 'H' both select and de-selects team-select menu.
  • Added ability to throw grenades through glass.
  • Fixed server-side grenade tracking problems.
  • Lowered aiming reticule transparency.
  • Lowered number of needed hits to take out a light to 1.
  • Added ASE multi-homing support.
  • Made bot AI aiming and shooting more realistic and fair.
  • Added new networking layer for higher throughput.
  • Improved player physics to eliminate getting stuck.
Les commandes admin sont visibles dans ce thread du forum officiel (inscription obligatoire — même pour lire).

Merci à BlackRaptor de nous avoir envoyé cette liste complète.
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